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Latest January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year to all our members, and welcome to our second newsletter.

              We might not have any rallies coming up in the immediate future, but you can be sure that the committee are working hard in the background. Proof of this is an extra rally arranged in March, at a great new venue, Thornton’s Holt, (please see web for full details and to book), we have also purchased new on-site signage, as well as a “Tailgator” type of speaker, which will be easy to transport and will be a great help at socials, flag etc.

Please be aware that we still haven’t filled the Rally Sec vacancy. At present the arrangement of the 2023 program will have to be shared amongst the committee, which isn’t ideal, and could result in a reduced program, so I am asking again if anyone can spare a few hours a month to help the centre in this interesting and rewarding role. (Full support will be given).

        Please keep an eye on the website, and also our Facebook page ( ) as more rallies are being made available for booking, and some are limited numbers.  

Thank you all for supporting the centre, particularly during the tough time that covid dealt us, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Gary Brewin, Chairman, LCCMC.  Jan 22