Leicestershire Centre Committee 2019-2020

Kevin Taylor with Sharon


Well I didn’t think I would ever be saying this again, but Thank you for allowing me to be your Leicestershire Centre Chairman for the coming year.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be posting that, I would have thought you were out of your mind. However, unexpected circumstances prevailed, so here I am.

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Gary Brewin with Andrea

Vice Chairman

After several years of being Rally Sec, its a great opportunity for me to move into the Leicestershire Centre Vice Chairman role. I look forward to working closely with Kevin, and the rest of the committee to build on the successes of the past few years.

Please help your new Rally Sec Tony by keeping the new venue ideas coming in, and supporting the rallies arranged for this year.

Finally Andrea and I wish you all a happy and safe touring year, and look forward to seeing you on a rally field soon.

Andy Haigh with Jackie


My last appearance on the Committee was in 2008 when my tenure as Centre Secretary ended, since than I have produced the Rally Handbook every year until it was decided to cease publication.  I developed and ran the Centre Website until 2017. The Rally Book will return for 2020.

The new Committee intend to continue making Leicestershire a Centre to be proud of and we welcome all current, new and ‘lapsed’ members to the rally field.

Martyn Garnham with Liz


Tony Tyler with Jane

Rally Secretary

After 16 years since I first went on committee I now find myself as Honorary Rally Secretary a role which I relish. So if you’ve any ideas for a rally I’m always at the end of phone, tinternet or out on the rally field, not on the darkside but in our motorhome.

Barbra Hodson with Keith


I hope that by returning to serve on the committee I will be able to contribute, on behalf of the members, to the future of the Centre.

Carl Hughes with Rachel


We welcome all abilities to take part in the motorsports rally which will have timed competition as well as tuition available for novices and those less confident. 

Jenny Sutton with John


Mark Exton with Michelle

Web Admin

In my 2nd stint on the committee of the Leicestershire Centre (previously Advertising) I have been what can only be politely described as, gifted through a unanimous vote of my committee colleagues the role of web admin. My role encompasses the creation and updates to the new Leicestershire centre web presence. Following a challenging start in the compilation and deployment of a replacement website in record time, we intend to build on the content and features in the coming year.

Rachel Hughes with Carl


My aim this year is to advertise the joy of rallying to all members so we can try to increase rally attendance, along with selling advertising in the rally book to cover costs.  I will also be assisting Andy by recording rally attendances.

Andy Warne with Erene

Social Secretary

I have returned to serve on the committee and  I hope to help the members have some good rallies. Whilst everyone on the committee does what is required my primary role is as your social secretary, therefore if anyone sees any  entertainers or acts which you think your fellow members would enjoy please let me know