Centre Rules

Ensuring everyone has a great time

Making a booking:

To guarantee catering at socials and a rally plaque, rally bookings must be received by the Rally Marshal no later than the Sunday, two weeks prior to the rally or by the date specified in the rally information. Rally bookings must be made using the online booking system. Word of mouth and rally-slip bookings are no longer valid forms of booking your place. The booking form must be fully completed. Any fields deliberately containing false or missing information will invalidate the booking. Making a booking after this time may exclude you from being able to attend social events and receiving the official rally plaque, so please ensure you book early. Completion of the booking form shall be deemed as acceptance of the rules laid out herein. Most rallies now require a deposit of £5 unless otherwise stated. Until the deposit has been received by the Treasurer no booking will have deemed to be made. 

Paying for your rally:

Most rallies will require a deposit and/or payment beforehand. This will be stated in the rally information on the website. Deposits and balances must be received by the Treasurer by the advertised date paying using BACS as a preferred payment method. Rally places booked but not paid for in time will be re-offered to the membership and any deposit paid will be forfeited.

All rally fees are subject to VAT at the rate in force at the time of the rally. Any change in the rate may require an alteration to the original rally cost. The Committee has the right to increase the cost of the rally at any time without prior notice.

Cancelling your booking:

Should you need to cancel your place on a rally, please ensure that notice is given to the marshal by the Sunday, two weeks prior to the rally start date. Cancelling your place after this time will incur a nominal administration charge of £5 plus any costs incurred, unless the rally is a prepaid event.

On prepaid events, once the full payment has been received, no refunds will be given unless the place is successfully taken by another member. The Centre also reserves the right to deduct an administration fee from any refund to cover the extra effort in changing a booking at the late stages. On prepaid events this will be at least the original deposit.


In the event of a non-attendance at a rally and no prior notice is given, your rally fee will be forfeited. 

Rally cancellations:

In the unfortunate event that a rally needs to be cancelled or altered, announcements will be made at ‘Flag’, on the website and by email to the member via the email address supplied on the booking form. This is why it’s important to ensure that valid details are entered into the booking form. Only members who have booked on the rally will be personally notified.

Attending the rally:

Any site, or part of a site on which a rally is held shall be for the exclusive use of registered members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, their family and visitors. Please ensure that you have your valid membership card with you at all times on the rally. Visitors to the rally may be asked to present their membership card and may be refused entry to the rally if they are unable to confirm their membership of the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

Members must ensure that their children and visitors do not trespass or cause damage to any part of the site owner’s property as well as the surrounding area. It is also the members responsibility for their family and guests at any social event or other function. Members, or their guests, found causing a nuisance or breaking these rules may be asked to leave the site.

Authority for the rally shall be  the responsibility of the rally marshal and their appointed deputies for the duration of the rally They shall be authorised to request members (or their guests) found causing a nuisance or breaking these rules to remove their outfit from the rally field. The rally marshal shall also, as soon as practical, advise the Centre Committee of such action as necessary. The Centre Committee reserve the right to refuse admission to a rally or request a member to leave the field. Any reasonable request from the rally marshal or a committee member shall be complied with. When rallying on a commercial site we are obliged to follow their site rules as well as our own centre rules. 

Arriving on site:

Members must not arrive before the time stated in the rally information, normally 12 noon or between the hours of 10pm and 8am and may not remain after the specified rally end time, usually 2pm. Vans will be sited as directed by the rally marshal. At the discretion of the rally marshal, members may reserve one pitch only for friends and family unless the rally is deemed an ‘Arrive and Site’ event. All visitors to the rally must report to the marshal so that they can advise them of the location of your pitch.

Moving around the site:

There is a strict 5mph speed limit on the rally field for all vehicles including bicycles. All members must make their visitors aware of the speed limit which is in force at all times of the day and night. Learner and unlicensed drivers are expressly forbidden to drive any vehicle on the rally field. All vehicles (including bicycles) must proceed along the rows and under no circumstances navigate between sited units. The use of “Hover Boards, Electric Scooters and similar” are prohibited around the rallying area.

In the event of poor weather, the yellow pennant may be displayed. Movement of all vehicles (including 4 x 4’s) is prohibited, except as directed by the rally marshal. If help is required to move your outfit around the site, it is the member’s responsibility for attaching to and detaching their outfit from the towing vehicle. Neither the Centre or the driver of the towing vehicle can accept any responsibility for moving your outfit around on your behalf. To defray the cost of helping out, the member is encouraged to offer a suitable reward to the owner of the rescue vehicle as a good will gesture.

Setting up camp:

Outfits should be sited with the front offside corner close to the peg. Towing vehicles must then be parked as close to the outfit on the offside of the van. Additional vehicles are to be parked as directed by the rally marshal. At least 3m must exist between your vehicle and the ones adjacent.

In addition to the primary unit, a small pup-tent may be erected in place of an awning, at the discretion of the rally marshal, for family members to sleep in. The tent must be erected within the bounds of a standard awning and may not extend beyond the normal shipping length of the primary unit. If a porch awning is used, the pup-tent may reside in the remaining space normally taken by the standard awning.

On rallies longer than 5 days, friends and family of members may attend rallies using their own larger tent on a separate pitch. Under Natural England rules, trailer tents and larger tents must not be pitched amongst the caravans and motorhomes but must be sited at least 6m away from the end of a row of standard outfits as directed by the rally marshal and the Natural England pitching guidance. This is done to protect everyone’s safety. The only exceptions to this are for party tents or an extra pup-tent for the marshal when their awning is used for rally social purposes.

Whilst on camp:

To ensure everyone attending the rally has an enjoyable time, all members must ensure good conduct by all in their party. Members should be considerate of those around them and not cause annoyance to their neighbours. All members must avoid any noise after 11:00 pm throughout the year (commercial sites may differ)  New Year Rallies may be made an exception by the rally marshal where Socials are held indoors but members should be quiet when returning to their pitch.

The use of a quiet leisure generator is limited to between 10.00 am 12 noon and between 4pm and 7:00 pm  For safety reasons, the member must be present at all times. To minimise the noise level it must be shielded. If a generator is deemed to be causing a nuisance you will be requested to switch it off immediately. Exceptions are a rally marshal requiring a generator for a social or function on the field, or members who need to use a generator for medical purposes.

To prevent damage to units, the flying of kites or model aircraft (including drones) is not allowed on or over the site. The playing of ball games including games such as Swingball and similar, must be played in an area designated by the marshal and must be at least 50m from any occupied pitch. Under no circumstances should they be played amongst the rally lines.

Dogs and cats must always be kept on a lead not exceeding 3.5m and not allowed to foul the rally field. Member are required to pick up all mess created by their pets. Dog stakes must be sited close to the caravan or motorhome. All animals must be kept under control at all times.

Provision is made at rallies for the supply of drinking water and the emptying of chemical toilets only. Members must store and take home all other waste unless specific waste points are provided. Toilets must not be washed or filled at the drinking water tap. Please leave the rally sites free of litter.

Photography/videography may be taken at our Centre’s events and rallies. The Centre and Club may use any photograph(s) and/or video(s) they take that includes you, your party and/or outfit in all and any media, including printed and electronic publications, e.g. websites or promotional materials, in the advertising of its goods or services. The photograph(s) and/or video(s) may be stored for these purposes as well. If you do not want to appear in any shots, please advise the rally marshal if it relates to a specific event or the Centre Secretary if for all events. They will do their best to accommodate this and ensure you are able to avoid the area being photographed/filmed.

Social events:

All socials will be at the discretion of the rally marshal. Tickets for such will be allocated in order of booking and members booked on to the rally will be given priority. Children aged 13 and over will be classed as adults for all social purposes. Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited within enclosed areas such as halls, party tents and Coleman shelters.

In case of emergency:
The Leicestershire centre has a fully automatic defibrillator which is part of the centre equipment and is available on centre rallies and is normally located the Rally Marshalls outfit. 

All accidents must be reported to the rally marshal. Details of the nearest A & E Department will be given in the rally information provided.

If you discover a fire, do not try to tackle the fire yourself. Raise the alarm, get everyone clear and call the Fire Brigade. The fire bell will be located at the flagpole.

ALL PERSONS ATTENDING A RALLY OR SOCIAL EVENT DO SO ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK. THE ORGANISERS ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONS OR PROPERTY. Full details of The Caravan and Motorhome Club insurance policy can be obtained from the Secretary should the need arise.

If you require further information please contact us.fully