Chairman’s Charity 2020

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Following on from Moz’s success during his Chairmanship I have decided to again have an ongoing Chairman’s Charity during the forthcoming season and would like to donate the proceeds to the Myeloma Ward at the LRI.

You can read more about my chosen charity for 2020 here, or under the About us section of the website.

Kind Regards


Chairmans Charity 2021-2022

Chairman's Charity 2021-2022


Hi Everyone,
My Chairman's Charity is Pancreatic Cancer U.K. I lost my dad to this horrible disease 14 years ago and was amazed then by the poor survival rate. While great strides have been made in fighting many forms of cancer, can you believe that the survival rate for this is the same as 1972. That's 50 years, and I really want to do something to help. It can hit anyone, Aretha Franklin, Alan Rickman and Patrick Swayze are just 3 of the high-profile victims. Developing quickly, and with few symptoms, testing and early detection will help turn the tide. This is where we can help, by raising money for vital research. Please see this website explains things far better than I ever can, & any ideas for fundraising, donations etc will be gratefully received.
Thank you for your support.
Gary Brewin