Chairman’s Message

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Well I didn’t think I would ever be saying this again, but Thank you for allowing me to be your Chairman for the coming year.

If you had told me a few weeks ago that I would be posting that, I would have thought you were out of your mind. However, unexpected circumstances prevailed, so here I am.

I would like to thank Moz and his team for their past service to the centre, I know from past experience that many hours of personal time have to be given up, often not seen by the membership.

As I said at the AGM, this was an unusual year, as so many of the  existing Committee decided not to seek re-election. This wasn’t helped by the fact that for a long period leading up to the deadline for nominations, the Members weren’t aware of the situation, and the fact that the Centre was potentially looking at not having a Committee to go forward. This would of course  have meant that the Centre may have folded, as ‘No Committee means No Centre’

It was purely as a result of this that some old Members decided that they had to act to form a Committee at the last minute to allow the Centre to continue, and to enjoy their chosen pastime at excellent venues arranged by Gary.

I do hope that we can now all pull together to continue the excellent tradition of the Leicestershire Centre.

We need the backing of all of you members out there to either volunteer to run a Rally (there are still a few left to cover), or for you to attend the rallies and enjoy what your Marshals have arranged.

Remember that the National Caravan Rally is within our County this year in May at Belvoir Castle, and it would be great to see a large turn-out from our members.

So to finish off for now, I can’t promise to be out on all Rallies as I still have some health issues and Family/work commitments, but what I will promise you all is that I will represent the Centre to the best of my ability,and I look forward to seeing you out on a rally field soon. If you need to contact me you are always welcome to send a message through our website by clicking here….


Kevin Taylor