Chairman's Charity 2023-2025


Hi Everyone,
The charity we have chosen to support this year is Kidney Research UK. The Charity is funded almost entirely on donations and fundraising. In 2021/2022 £6.46 million was spent on research Every day 20 people are diagnosed with kidney failure with your support we can make sure research continues to transform treatments for people living with Kidney disease the money we raise is so valued during these uncertain and difficult times. As a Kidney Transplant Donor myself I have seen first hand the terrible effects on the life’s of Kidney disease sufferers in 2005 my brother who was only born with one Kidney desperately needed a kidney after his own deteriorated and failed. With 2 very young children and the effect the situation was having on them made me more determined to help so I went through the tests and was a successful match. Without kidney research and the developments they have made to date this operation would not have been possible and my story may be quite different and my Brother may not of seen his children grow up thankfully My brother is still doing well and living a healthy life. We also have a very popular member who most will know who is receiving treatment for kidney failure. So please donate what you can when you can. please help the Leicester centre raise as much as possible to help the Kidney Research UK Charity Thank You Scott Wormleighton (Vice Chairman)