New Centre Website

You may have discovered by now that following the AGM, the centre website was removed. This means that the original Centre’s Domain shows an error page. An alternative centre website is now available.

We had no prior notification of removal or its imminence. You can visit the home page here …

Development: Therefore we are all now on a journey of real time development. In light that you are embarking on the development journey. You may spot typing errors that have not been cleansed. Content that is awaiting adjustment to fit all devices, or links that don’t quite go where they should. The choices we are faced with are clear either this or nothing.

We are in the development phase, it does allow you to put forward suggestions that you would like to see. This is not a wish list we will endeavour to bring constructive suggestions to fruition. The membership is aware that the Printed Rally Book will be making a return. This is alongside the electronic versions for download. We are also implementing photographs back onto the website.

Booking Links: Many of the 2020 rally booking links are now available. At the present time we have no access to the back end platform of the previous website. If you have any concerns over bookings previously made, you should contact the marshal concerned for clarification. You are able to this through this platform by using the “contact the Marshal” link on the relevant rally information. To get to this link you can simply select “more info” from the rallies 2019 page.

Updated : 2019 booking link are now functional.

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