Following on from the Prime Ministers ‘Roadmap’ out of lockdown, we have been waiting for Guidance from the Club as to how they interpret the relaxation of the various rules and when rallies can be held again. Please bear in mind that the Roadmap mentions 4 steps ,all of which are dependent on the previous one being successful, so even if we plan for Rallies starting up again, it would be dependent on the next step coming into effect on the dates given. As you know ,we can only run rallies using the Clubs Exemption Certificate, and so it is imperative that we await their permission and advice .

They have now contacted Centres and as from Step 2 ( no earlier than 12th April) Sites and CLs are due to open ,and rallies can commence as a Campsite only( meaning there can be no social activities associated with it) and Members must comply with Government guidance in relation to social contact and group size outdoors. Due to this date being well after Easter, we had no choice but to cancel the Easter rally, However, I anticipate that as long as the Step 2 date opens up as scheduled on 12th April, then the rally at Lodge Trust on 23rd April should be able to run( with social limits).

Step 3 is scheduled to open up ( no earlier than 17th May) and this relaxes the size of groups and allows 30 people to mix outdoors and so some social activities can re-commence, It was initially thought that this would make it impossible to go ahead with the Anniversary rally at Bitteswell over the spring Bank Holiday starting 28th May, however, there is a further rule mentioning Outdoor entertainment and performances being allowed, so I have approached the Club for clarity and they agree that what we have organised for Bitteswell would comply with this Condition, and I am now hopeful that we will be able to go ahead with this rally and entertainment, although there will be some social distancing required ,which we will confirm nearer the time.

Step 4 is scheduled to open up( no earlier than 21 June) and this removes all restrictions and hopefully we can return to normality.

This is the latest position I am aware of ,so assuming that these Steps do come into force on the dates given ,we can at least plan towards starting to rally once again.

We will of course update you with any further details as and when known, but for now Stay Safe and we will see you n a rally field soon.

Kevin Taylor ( Chairman).